Fares, terms and discounts

See prices for 2018 here (Valid from 1st February 2018) 

NB! All discounts apply in relation to the regular price of a one-way ticket.
Discounted rates are rounded up to the nearest whole Norwegian krone unless otherwise noted.


50 % discount for children 4-15 years old. Children under 4 years old traveling with an adult is free of charge.

Children traveling alone
Children 6-12 years old traveling alone or together with other children in the same age group. More information about children traveling alone.

NOK 130,- per. child on departures (marked with *) when the child (children) is traveling together with a paying adult on single journeys, max. 4 children.

In order for Norwegian and foreign citizens to get a senior discount, one of the following requirements needs to be fulfilled. There will be a 50% discount to:
a) Anyone who is aged 67 years.
b) Married couples / partners traveling together when one spouse/partner is aged 67 years.
c) Disabled persons who have a disability pension according to Norwegian law.
d) Blind person with companion. Every deafblind can bring a companion for free.
e) The spouse or companion of a disabled person.

Anyone who is aged 67 years must legitimize their age. Disabled and blind persons has to show credentials from Social Insurance Office / Association for the Blind.

Students up to 32 years who can present valid student ID, receives 40% discount on single journeys. Note: IDs that are accepted: ID card from school, university or college and proof of payment of tuition fees.

Military and civil conscription without payment on leave travels receives 50% discount. This applies only within the time period stated in the conscription book. Military discount can not be combined with other discounts.


Round trip ticket
A round trip ticket is a discounted both way ticket with an open return within 15 days. This ticket can not be changed or refunded. This ticket can not be combined with other discounts.

25% discount when at least 10 persons travel and pay for all tickets together. Group discount can not be combined with other discounts/cards. Pre-booking is necessary at rodne.no.

Inter-, Scan- and Eurorail
50% discount on one way ticket for adults. The Rail ticket must be presented to the crew in order to receive the discount.

Companion of a disabled person, who can present valid companion ID, travel free of charge on single journeys. The companion does not need a ticket.


Student card
Student cards can be purchased by fulltime students at a university or college, and by students of high schools. Student cards are sold and updated by presenting a valid school/student ID, together with proof of payment of tuition fees. Evidence of this must be presented if needed. Lack of evidence gives ground for additional fees. Student card gives 40% discount on period card prices, rounded up to the nearest 5-krone. Upper age limit for this card is 32 years old.

Period ticket
Card valid for 7, 30 or 180 days. Only the owner of this card can use it. For prices on period cards, please see our fares for current year.

Youth ticket
Youth ticket can be purchased by persons from age 16 and until the month they turn 20 years. The card is valid for an unlimited amount of travels within 1 given month on buses, local trains, ferries and boats within Hordaland. Exception airport bus and night bus. The card can be used by anyone within the age limit.

Skyss travel card
Skyss travel card offers 17% discount for single journeys with boat. With Skyss travel card you can pay for single journeys or pay for several passengers all together. This card is valid on all local boat- and bus routes. One will not receive further discount on already discounted tickets (child, senior, students and military).


Dog and Bicycle
Dogs and bicycle can only be brought by a traveling passenger. Ask the crew for instructions. Please see our prices for current year. Guide dogs travel for free when accompanied by a blind person.

Hand luggage
Regular hand luggage (briefcases, bags etc.) up to 20 kg per person is free of charge. Overweight luggage can only be brought if there are available space on the boat. The price for this is NOK 15,- per kg (incl. VAT).

Packages and goods
Packages can be shipped if there are available space on the boat. Living animals can not be shipped as packages. There are special regulations for packages/goods.


Missing payment
Travelers that do not have a valid ticket/card when there is a ticket inspection, or in any other way have not followed the regulation, may have to pay an additional cost. More information about ticket inspections.