FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Where can I find the boat in Bergen?
The boat departs from Strandkaiterminalen, the fast ferry terminal in Bergen.

Can I pre-book?
You can book tickets for the route Bergen-Flesland-Rosendal and Rosendal-Flesland-Bergen on our internet booking. It is currently not possible to book tickets from our other stops at this route.

Tickets for following ticket categories can be booked online: adult, round trip ticket, children, student, senior, family ticket and group ticket.

Round trip ticket
You can only book tickets for one way/route per booking. For round trip tickets, please read the information below. When booking round trip tickets for adults, please enter minipris in the field “campaign code” on both bookings. The correct total price will then be calculated.

Can I bring my dog?
You can bring your dog on board. The crew will refer a place for it to be during the crossing. If this place will be in the saloon depends on other passengers and the amount of luggage on board. Please see fare for bringing a dog under Fares, terms and discounts.

Can I bring my bicycle?
You can bring your bicycle on board. The crew will refer a place for it to be during the crossing. Please see fare for bringing a bicycle under Fares, terms and discounts.

Who can I contact when I have forgot something on board?
Lost property is kept on board for about 2 weeks, tel. +47 98 24 15 30. After that time lost property is brought to Kvinnherad country police office, tel. +47 53 48 38 00.

When does the bus depart from Flesland airport to Flesland quay?
Time table for the bus to and from the airport to Flesland quay (Norwegian). There is bankterminal or you can pay with cash.

Where can I find the bus at Flesland airport?
The bus departs to/from A2, located at the lower platform at Flesland Airport. Find more information at Avinor.no here.

How far away is Solstrand Hotel from Os quay?
It is about 1 km from Os quay to Solstrand Hotel and it takes approximately 20 minutes to walk. For 1-4 persons: The hotel car can pick you up at the pier if you make a reservation before the express boat leaves Bergen. Please make a reservation by contacting us by phone;  +47 56 57 11 00. For larger groups: Bergen taxi;  + 47 07000, or Osbuss;  +47 56 30 99 80.

How far away is Baroniet Rosendal from Rosendal quay?
It is 1 km from the quay up to Baroniet Rosendal, about 20-25 minutes to walk.

How long does the bus take from Rosendal to Odda ?
The bus takes approx. 1 hour from Rosendal to Odda.

Do I get a discount when I have an Interrail, Scanrail and Eurorail ticket?
We grant you a 50% discount on the adult ticket, equivalent of child’s fare. The discount will be granted on presentation of the railcard.