Winter campaign: 25% discount on boat charter

No one knows the archipelago and the fjords in Ryfylke better than we do!
From 1 October – 30 April, we offer our customers a 25% discount on all boat charter.

If your company expects to have a meeting or perhaps a social gathering during the winter, several of our boats have conference facilities on board. This gives you the possibility to megin your meeting on the boat right away. If you want anything extra, we offer catering including alcohol as we are licensed to serve.

Several of our boats have conference facilities on board so you can take advantage of the time and start the meeting already during the transport. Are your company going to have a party during the Christmas or another party in the winter? With full liquor license on board and opportunities for catering, we can give your guests an extra good start for the party.

Please contact us by phone +47 51 89 52 70 or by e-mail to and we will help you to find the right boat that will fulfill your needs.

Everyone loves transport. On the fjord.