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Bakernes Paradis – Lauvvik
Bakernes Paradis is located in Ryfylke, close to the famous Lysefjord. Experience local food inspired by the ingredients and traditions of Rogaland. How about a Lysefjord sightseeing before eating a delicious meal at Bakernes Paradis?



Energihotellet – Suldal
Food, energy and culture are key words to describe this unique design hotel from the 1960s. This hotel has an idyllic location in Nesflaten, Suldal. Enjoy the view over Suldalsvatnet.



Røvær Kulturhotell – Røvær
Røvær is a small island located 10 km west of Haugesund, and has 100 inhabitants. The island has a kindergarten, a school, a summer café, a grocery shop and a chapel. Find peace and relax in this hidden gem.




Sjøberg Ferie – Østhusvik
Sjøberg Ferie is located by the sea on Østhusvik in Rennesøy. How about a fishing trip where you also get to experience the surrounding islands? This area offers excellent hiking opportunities, both for long walks or bike rides.




Spa-Hotell Velvære – Hjelmeland
Spa Hotel Velvære is situated in a scenic location right by the fjord. Their focus is recreation and well-being in the broadest sense. The hotel has 60 rooms/apartments, a great spa department, course and conference facilities and a delightful restaurant.




Vikinggarden Avaldsnes – Bukkøy
Reconstructed on the basis of archaeological discoveries made in Rogaland, Vikinggarden will give you insight into the life of a Viking. Journey back in time and learn how our forefathers built their houses and lived their lives.



Fjordbris Hotell - Østhusvik
The hotel is built around the old grocery store in Østhusvik at Rennesøy. The old store is now a renovated building with both a hall and conference facilities.