Kraftstasjonen i Dalen


Rosehagen AS hosts unique premises in the old power station in Dalen. By visiting the old stone building with 10 meters ceilings with a refined and stylish ambiance, crackling in the fireplace and candlelights, this becomes an experience you will not forget.


The area around the power station in Dalen is known for its fine walking paths.

The premises is perfect for parties, weddings, meetings, conferences, team building, company outings, etc.

How about starting with an entré in the Rosehagen before going along the Jørpeland river up to the power station? This is a nice 40 min walking tour. It is also possible to take a 5-minute bus ride from Jørpeland to the power station.

Rosehagen AS also manages premises Låven in Mølleparken at Tau and Rosehagen at Jørpeland.

Information about Kraftstasjonen i Dalen:

  • This tour takes approximately 25 minutes by boat directly from Stavanger
  • Rosehagen & Kraftstasjonen are open all year on request
  • Capacity for 50 – 100 persons
  • Accomodation available at Lilland Hotell (at Tau)
  • Partially suitable for wheelchair
  • AV-equipment available