About us

Rødne Trafikk

Rødne is one of Norway’s largest shipping companies operating small fast going boats. We have 17 boats there of 11 are fast going vessels.

The company was founded in 1956 to carry out local transportation of schoolchildren. The company has grown over the years and now runs public transport for Rogaland county, Hordaland county and ambulance boats for large regions on the West coast. In addition the company is a subcontractor for Tide AS. We also have a large amount of charter and tourist activity in the Lysefjord and on the rest of the West coast.

Our head office is based on Sjernarøy in Finnøy rural district. The workshop that does most of the maintenance of the boats is also located here.

The company has sales offices in Stavanger and Bergen – Rødne Fjord Cruise. The sales offices are responsible for sales and marketing of boat- and adventure tours in Stavanger and Bergen.

Rødne also owns the fjord restaurant Lysefjord-Helleren in the Lysefjord. With its unique location you can enjoy great food and a spectacular view. You can have a great time at your company outings, anniversary, christening or at your wedding day here.